Scholarship Recipients

Marco Rivera


Marco Rivera is the son of Rick and Clariza Rivera and is currently enrolled in his sophomore year at Texas A & M College Station. He is pursuing a career in animal science and says he “is humbled and honored” to receive the scholarship.

Alec J. Rodriguez


Alec J. Rodriquez is the son of Jesus and Melissa Rodriquez of Laredo and is attending Texas State University and hopes to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He says he wants to contribute and serve his community.

Maegan Martinez


Maegan Martinez is the daughter of Michael Dralle and Michelle Evens. She is attending Texas A & M International University and plans to become

an optometrist.

Sarah Gonzalez


Sara Gonzalez is the daughter of Victor and Maria Gonzalez of Weslaco and is attending Texas State University. She hopes to acquire her Master of Science in Psychology with a minor in Biology. She aspires to counsel military and law enforcement officers and their families.

Britney Martinez


Britney Martinez is the daughter of Rogelio and Maricruz Martinez and is attending Texas A & M International University. She is pursuing her dream to become an optometrist.

Fernando Quiroga


Fernando Quiroga is the son of Fernando Quiroga, Sr.. and his wife, Denise Quiroga. He is attending Texas State University and would like to become a Federal or Special Agent like his father.

Scholarship Recipients (Cont.)

Genesis Lozano


Genesis Lozano is the daughter of Juan and Adriana Lozano and is attending Texas A & M International University, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Communications. She hopes to become a corporate attorney.

Anthony Martinez


Anthony Martinez is the son of Michael Dralle and Michelle Evans and is attending Carnegie Mellon University. His career goal is to become an electrical engineer.

Alyssa Johnston


Alyssa Johnston is the daughter or James and Mary Alice Johnston and is attending Texas State University. Alyssa is pursuing a career as a registered nurse in the health profession.

Mariah Vergara


When I was little I had no idea what career path to choose from until I got inspiration from two powerful women like former Attorney General of the United States, Janet Reno and Sonia Sotomayor, who serves in the Supreme Court of Justice. These two women broke down barriers in this work environment that is dominated by male, which as women who is pursuing criminal justice is just inspirational. My goal is to work in a government agency like the Central Intelligence Agency or Federal Bureau of Investigation and take advantage of my skills and abilities to make a social change and grow as a person. Criminal justice is something I am truly passionate about and is my dream to pursue this career path and become extraordinary as my two role models.

Janette Gonzalez


I decided to go in the criminal justice field because it aligns well with a personal intent of mine. As simplistic as it sounds, I just want to help people. There’s a lot of hate, suffering, and wrongdoing in this world, and jobs in this field help eliminate that when done properly. The idea of helping others as a profession both excites me and encourages me to help create a better future.

Jacklynn Renteria


Criminal Justice is something that I always found fascinated even as a little girl. At a young age I told my parents that I wanted to be detective and little has changed since then. I have chosen to obtain a degree in Criminal Justice so that in a couple of years, God willing, I will be able go to law school to become a lawyer.  The people who are in the Criminal Justice field are amazing and although they do not get the recognition they deserve, they make up a very important part of us and deserve everything. I choose Criminal Justice because of the significant role it plays in our society.

In addition to the nine scholarship recipients already noted, three students enrolled in the Criminal or Public Justice programs at South Texas College have also been selected. These are: Javier Solis,  Antonio Montelongo and Gustavo Guerra.

Scholarship Recipients (Cont.)

Javier Solis


Antonio Montelongo


Gustavo Guerra